Monday, June 27, 2011

s/t LP recorded

We recorded a 8 song LP last week with Stan Wright at buzz or howl studios in Portland.  It will be out in september.  While we were down there we played with BELLICOSE MINDS and SALTED CITY, as well as BONE SICKNESS in olympia on the way home.  As usual, I was blown away by all 3 bands.  We also played with MARTYRDOD, NO STATIK, SPECTRES, and VACANT STATE before we left town, which was also a shitload of fun.  Big thanks to everyone that helped and hung out, it was an amazing week. 

upcoming shows:
mon, july.25 w/FODDER (sac), @ moon tower
sat, sept.17 w/BELLICOSE MINDS, GEISTER, CONFESSIONS @ distort fest alf house backyard

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